Whoopie mania

By ayr May 25, 2011

OK, maybe mania is overstating it, but the whoopie pies are getting ridiculous. If you haven’t had them yet we make them up at Harvard Square on Fridays, stop by around 6pm or so or watch the twitter feed for an announcement. We’ve also started making them on the trucks some Fridays.

I’ve been standing back watching Vincenzo build this new part of Clover, and it’s really gratifying. He started simple, with just the recipe. We gave them away for about 6 weeks as we worked out the recipe etc. Now we’re starting to build them in larger numbers. And customers are starting to buy them by the box. It’s a ton of fun to see and really exciting for me, as it’s something I’ve had very little part in.

(Aside: for those of you wondering why we don’t serve these all the time, we’re sticking to Clover’s stance of dessert as an OCCASIONAL treat. I know I know, you’d like to have a cookie every afternoon. And I know we could make a better cookie than you’re getting right now. But then we’d have you hooked, and you’d be eating a cookie every afternoon, and I wouldn’t feel that hot about my job and what I’m making happen in the world. So you sweet tooths out there are going to have to wait for employee birthdays (free cupcakes) or whoopie fridays to get your Clover sugar fix.)

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