Pretty Things at Clover 5/31 at 8pm

By ayr May 30, 2011

Pretty what? One of the things we’re hoping to achieve with our beer service at Harvard Square is to introduce you all to new things. New beers, new flavors, local brewers you might not know. 18 months ago I didn’t know what Pretty Things was. Isn’t that the name of a band? I didn’t even really drink beer. But that’s because I thought beer was Bud, Miller, Corona, etc. I’m learning and changing.

We’re hoping to convince you to join us on this journey.

Tomorrow, 5/31/11, 8pm
Dan, Pretty Things Brewer, will be pouring at Clover
That’s right, we’ll be serving Jack D’Or
Come by and meet Dann and Martha

Marttha and Dann are our neighbors and I’ve been pestering them for a year to help us with a beer program. They’re very patient with me and the other day invited Rolando and me down to see their brewing operation in Westport, MA. (More on that later)

Many of you have been enjoying Peak Organic’s IPA for the past month. It’s been so popular we kept it on for an extra couple weeks. Jack D’Or is a different beer. It’s a saison which I think means “season” in French. It’s a Belgian beer, but from a part of Belgium that speaks french. Saisons are pale ales generally low in alcohol. They grew up as thirst quenchers for farmers after harvest. This was back when water wasn’t always safe to drink water. That’s it for my knowledge. Dan can answer your questions in more detail tomorrow mnight.

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