Waxman brings coffee from home

By ayr May 30, 2011

This story made me so happy. A few months ago Matt Waxman, who works on the trucks and occasionally at the restaurant, wrote me an email:

Thought you might be interested in these local Philadelphia roasters called La Colombe.  They have pretty strict standards about their client farms & trade.  Really hardcore about their coffee.  Tastes excellent too.  One of my favorites from back home.  Here’s their website: http://www.lacolombe.com

I’ll be home in Philly next week.  Let me know if your interested in trying their beans and I can bring some back.
It’s awesome to have employees like this, right? I mean, out of nowhere he’s writing to me about a coffee he loves and wants to share. Sure enough, he brought us some samples. We loved them in the restaurant. They made a mean iced coffee. I can’t wait until I’m in Philadelphia next. We’ll visit the roaster (we don’t sell coffee unless we have a chance to see the operation and the people behind it, well, except for Matt’s Wood Roasted, which we haven’t gotten to yet, but you have to trust Mainers, right?)
The best part about this story? It challenged my assumptions and reminded me how wrong I am so often. I’d heard great things about Waxman since he started working for us from his managers. But I didn’t know him. And to be completely honest, he seemed spaced out to me. But I had limited interaction with him, and looking back, I think I was mostly reacting to his physical appearance. Anyway, I was wrong and feel like jerk. Since then I’ve gotten to know Waxman a bit better and I feel lucky he gave me a better chance than I was giving him. We’re thrilled you’re part of the team Matt.
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