Pretty Things: Gypsy brewers

By ayr May 31, 2011

Dann and Martha talk about gypsy brewing, but I’ll be honest, I had no idea what they really meant by that. I knew they didn’t own their own brewery, and figured that was what they meant.

But when Rolando and I were down visiting them brewing at Westport we saw Gypsy in action. Dann and Martha drive down there and camp in their car for 2-3 days while they brew Jack D’Or and others. You see, Pretty Things doesn’t only rely on other’s breweries, it’s a very very small company. Dann manages the brew tanks and Martha empties heavy bags of grain into the mill to get ready for the next mash. It’s the crazy kind of thing people do when they have dreams they care deeply about. It’s what has me and Vincenzo under the truck getting grease on ourselves yesterday in 90° humid weather, wiring the new electrical system.

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