City of Boston food trucks

By ayr June 1, 2011

This is the first in what is going to be a bunch of posts about food trucks in Boston. There are some new laws and stuff that Boston has put together that simultaneously allow food trucks in the city (which wasn’t totally the case prior) and place new restrictions on food truck operations.

1 year ago we hadn’t yet opened on the greenway, Speeds and M&M Ribs ran food trailers, and there was a Frosty Truck on the corner of the Boston Public Garden. Other than that there weren’t any trucks in operation in Boston. Lots of canteen trucks, a bunch of push carts and hot dog carts, but no mobile kitchens. Things are changing quickly. Cupcakory and Fillbelly’s got going last year, and now there are a bunch of new trucks this year including Lefty’s and Bon Me.

I put together this google map of the food truck locations that the city is offering to operators. You are allowed to request a location that is not on this approved list, but this is the list of spots the city has already identified and approved. We’re told the lists will increase in time.

Stay tuned, we’re going to put together a free “how to operate a food truck” seminar for those who think they may love getting dirty and sweaty and exhausted : )

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