Plates, mats, canvas

By ayr June 1, 2011

I still think we’re a long way from figuring out how to make our restaurant friendly to customers. I just walked into the new Starbucks in Harvard Square this morning, and wow, that place just oozes creature comforts.

As you know we make things a pain for you all. Items coming out at different times, no trays, etc. Some of this is deliberate, some just us doing stupid stuff we haven’t figured out how to improve yet. The other day I bolted one of our butcher paper rolls on the wall. I can’t remember who had this idea, but I thought it was a great one. And it’s worked beautifully. It also brought our first color into the HSQ store, which was exciting for everybody. We added crayons for kids. All of a sudden the wall exploded with artwork. So we added rolls of tape.

It’s becoming tons of fun for the staff to watch what gets made. I’m going to start showcasing some of our favorites here on the website.

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