Our water

By ayr June 2, 2011

This feels good. Turns out we’re not the only people who get excited about water. Most people who endure my 10 minute excited explanation of our Everpure filtration system at the restaurant have a look of concern on their faces. And I feel, you know, like I’ve just begun.

This is Dann, walking Rolando out to a shed. He was pretty excited about the shed, so I was thinking, where is this we’re going. I better get a picture. He opened the door and tada, it’s a giant stainless steel tank.

And then I’m excited too. The water Dann and Martha use for Jack D’Or and the other Pretty Things beers come from a deep well on the site of the brewery. The water is pumped to these giant barrels. I’m guessing that’s because they take a lot at one time to fill those enormous beer tanks. Did any of you grow up with well water? I used to hate it when I was a kid but I kind of love it now.

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