Ring of death

By ayr June 17, 2011

That’s Dan (of Pretty Things Beer) with Rolando. Sorry, DanN. Keep forgetting that. Next time he’s here pouring his beer ask about the double N story.

Dann is telling us about the way effluent (waste) is dealt with at his brewery. It’s unique as far as he knows. Instead of going into the sewer their waste fluid is pumped into this field. I asked Dann if that was good for the field, all the nutrients and stuff. He pointed to the “ring of death” and said “probably not.”

I love that honesty, it’s what we strive for. There are a lot of people out there building businesses or running those already built who would make up a story that put their company in the best light. Dann doesn’t shy away from the truth. And he’s smart, and knows about everything. He knows that it’s not a ring of poison, but likely the pH is off, or there is not enough oxygen, or something else about nutrient overload that makes it hard for grass to grow there. So it’s not “good” for the field, but it’s not likely doing any real long-term harm either.

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