Yelpish morning

By ayr June 17, 2011

Come on Yelp! You might remember a few months ago I wrote about how frustrating it is as a business owner that Yelp will not let me send messages to more than 5 customers/ day. This wasn’t a bad cap when we were 1 truck, but at this point I’m having trouble keeping up with reviews.

I want to write a response to every customer who reviews Clover. But Yelp doesn’t want me to do that.

So a little while back I wrote about a work-around I found. Do you remember that? I found that you could open each reviewer on a different tab of the browser and this little hack would let you reply to an infinite number of reviewers in one day. Awesome.

Well I guess this is one of the risks you face with transparency. If I’d kept that trick my little secret I’d still be in great shape. Instead I find Yelp has locked me out of multiple responses, even when I try the tab trick. Really sad. Thanks Yelp.

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