Chip-in Farm is buying thousands of new chickens

By ayr June 20, 2011

We heard the other day that Chip-in Farm is expanding, building a new house and buying 1,000s more chickens. I can’t confirm that we’re the cause of this. But we’re starting to use up to 45-60 dozen eggs per day. That’s a lot of eggs. Chip-in is not organic, but unlike the organic farms we can buy from they can get us eggs that are less than 48 hours old (vs 48 DAYS) and any of our customers are welcome to make the trip to Bedford to check out their operation first hand.

It’s our first touch into something we’re hoping will become a big part of Clover’s future. We’re hoping to grow in size, but keep the menu just as focused and simple as always. That plus low prices means we’re buying a LOT of the few ingredients that we use. This means that pretty soon we’ll be able to help local producers grown and develop. LindenTree is planting for us this year. Chip-in Farm is using a special box to segregate our eggs from the general population to ensure our supply. Art Mello is making honey for us down in RI. And South Face Farm is packing up gallons of syrup for us. We’re getting our PEI potatoes segregated from the others to ensure our supply. And we’ve been talking to our beer distributor about pre-buying our barrels to make sure we get exactly what we want. This is all really exciting for us.

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