Colored FIFO caps

By Chris June 20, 2011

What is FIFO? If you’ve worked in food service you probably know this acronym (“first in, first out” – it’s an inventory management system). It’s also the name of the company that makes our squeeze bottles.

The bottles are an opaque plastic, and it’s hard to tell the difference between ketchup & BBQ sauce, and tahini & mayonnaise. We have to admit we’ve accidentally put tahini on a BBQ, or mayonnaise on a chickpea fritter a couple of times, we’re really sorry if you ever got one of those sandwiches.

FIFO recently came out with colored end caps. So now we have mayo=white cap, tahini=yellow cap, ketchup=red cap, bbq sauce=blue cap. This little detail makes a huge difference identifying sauces in the middle of a rush.

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