Megan’s shoes

By Lucia June 21, 2011

If you eat at the Government Center truck, you all know Megan, the manager at that location. And if you took the Clover survey, you might have an idea why Megan is holding up these kicks…

We had a hard time finding out what size shoe Megan wore. I knew if I asked her directly, she would know something was up. So I asked two people to do some reconnaissance. Megan P (HR) was working a catering event with this Megan, and she tried to approach the issue by asking: “So, are flip-flop sizes and regular sizes different? What size regular shoe do you wear?” Chris (HSQ manager) tried to find out by texting Megan to see if she had left a pair of kitchen clogs at HSQ. Megan wouldn’t give up her size for a while, but we finally got it out of her.

Megan must have thought everybody was crazy that day, hopefully the red Nikes were worth it.

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