Clover at new location Friday only

By ayr June 22, 2011

When we first applied to operate at the Greenway we were turned down because we’re a truck. Way back then I put together these slides of places I thought our truck would be fantastic. That picture above is from that package. Like my art work?

We’ve been asking ever since for the Greenway to consider additional Clover trucks on the Greenway, and hoping someday they would say yes. The other day they did, sort of. They asked if we could operate a second truck on the Greenway for one day only. That day is Friday.

So come check us out. We’re going to be near the Rings fountains, near the Aquarium. If you’re in the area, or know somebody in the area, join us. We’re always a little nervous first day in a new spot, so come welcome the staff and make them feel at home. If successful maybe we’ll get another run at it?

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