Ice machine broken

By ayr June 22, 2011

I always pull out the camera when I see a flame. Well, maybe not those 2 times I almost burnt the truck down, but when it’s safe flames are pretty exciting, aren’t they?

This guy is at work on our ice machine. We were told this ice machine was the best type of ice machine. We special ordered it. But since day 1 it’s been nothing but trouble. And just as warm weather hit it started not working. We called a guy in, then another guy, and another guy. Now 3 weeks later it’s finally getting fixed. Giant headache for us. The fix involves changing the diameter of the water pipe feeding the machine. The existing pipe met the specifications on the back of the machine, but the guy fixing it said those specs are wrong. Well, that and he wanted to rip out our water filtration unit. I said please leave the filtration. We worked it out. Who knows. We’ll let you know if it’s working in 3 months.

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