Iced coffee training

By ayr June 24, 2011

Now on to iced coffee. A little history on our iced coffee. It’s a little strange the way we make it up. We used to run cold brew, which I love. That stuff is so good, like a shot of your favorite liquor. Problem is we were selling it in 16 ounce cups. I did some research and I’m convinced we were serving people the caffeine equivalent of 6-8 shots of espresso. You see caffeine is soluble in water, and that cold brew sits OVERNIGHT.

Anyway, it’s delicious but we just didn’t feel good about serving something with so muchcaffeine. So we started exploring other methods. It was tough. But Barth at Barrington showed us a way that some folks (Peets) pour strong coffee over ice into a vac pot to make iced coffee. We started thinking, what if you did that one cup at a time. Would you get rid of the bitter flavor? We played around. The method is sort of a strange hybrid, but the cup is pretty consistent, delicious, and easy to train. And you can try this at home (or at Clover) anytime.

Note: people tend to like darker coffees better iced. Some of the lighter fruity acidic coffees work less well.

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