Potato Salad

By Lucia June 27, 2011

The soups we have in the winter turn into salads in the summer, which means we get to do fun stuff like potato salad.

If you come by today, we’re making up a batch. Rolando said it was Heather’s idea to do a potato salad at Clover. She makes one at home where she boils potatoes, cuts them up and tosses them with a ton of vinegar.

Our version has a bunch of red potatoes, celery, cilantro, red peppers, some red onions, mayo, mustard. It’s hard to see in the picture but we put smoky tempeh in there too. We bake it up til it’s crunchy (crunchier than you get in the soy BLT sandwich). Austin, HSQ regular, just asked if he could take the whole bowl of prepped salad to the beach. If you get here before Austin takes it all, let us know what you think.

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