Fried sweet plantains, no sugar

By Lucia June 29, 2011

I found out I was passing along some wrong information. If you’ve been by the past few days, we’ve been frying up sweet plantains for the 3pm special.

A little backstory on these: we first started doing them last year as the very first 3pm special when we first started staying open for dinner, I think it was Chris who brought by a case of them. The inside looks like this. If you’ve seen us prepping them, the peel gets very dark, the inside looks like a banana.

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be tossing them with salt, Aleppo pepper, and sugar. Turns out the plantains are so ripe and sweet on their own (the dark peel is a sign that they’re super sweet) that they really don’t need any sugar. So, if you had some yesterday, you may have gotten some with sugar. Come by the trucks next time we have them, we’ll have them plain, maybe with a touch of salt and Aleppo. They’ll be awesome.

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