Falafel in 3rd pans

By ayr July 2, 2011

I’ll probably get a bunch of hate messages now for using the word falafel. Have you all seen those nasty comments on the website from folks who are mad we call our sandwich Chickpea Fritter? Someday I’m going to have to write about the great fritter conspiracy.

This picture was taken at 6:50am. These were just made up, chickpeas soaked and cooked the night before, cooled, then mixed in the robot coupe with garlic, fresh cilantro and parsley (that’s where the green color comes in), toasted spices, etc. Beautiful, hunh? This was cooked up that day for lunch.

Our volumes have gotten so tight we’re serving a lot of our hummus and chickpeas within hours of having made them. Last year we used to make hummus twice a week. Now we make massive batches 3 times a day. It feels terrific to see our food quality increase rather than decrease as we grow.

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