Patrick eats Clover

By Lucia July 8, 2011

This story has a little bit of an introduction, sorry. I was training Randall (new opener at the MIT truck) on order-taking yesterday. The way we take orders and talk to customers is super important to us. I told Randall it’s fun to say hi to folks, ask them where they’re coming from.

A group of people came up, and Randall and I started talking with them. I asked “Do you guys work around here?” They said they worked downtown. Then one of the guys said something about fries, and I was sort of explaining how the fries take a little longer than the sandwiches. He said, they look great, I’ll have to try them next time.

The group got 4 chickpea fritter sandwiches and a bunch of mint lemonades, all under the name Patrick. And as they left and walked down Carlton St, one of our customers turned to me and said, “You know that was the Governor, right?”

What!? I had absolutely no idea. I guess you could read this story in a couple ways. One, it’s sort of embarrassing that I didn’t recognize Governor Patrick. But, at the same time, there’s something really cool about the fact that Randall and I didn’t recognize him. We talked to him, which was us treating him like we should be treating everyone, and for me, that felt really

good. Can you imagine what might have happened if we had known the Governor was coming? We might have been stressed out, we might have not let him pay, etc. But Deval got the same level of service/food as everyone else in line that day (which was hopefully OK, those who were in line at that time, feel free to weigh in). Anyway, we’re super excited the Governor came to eat with us at MIT – anybody know what he was doing on campus that day?

PS, thanks to AK, the customer in line, for sharing this picture.

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