Tall stack

By Vincenzo July 9, 2011

What does this tall stack have to do with getting breakfast up on time?

We’re serious about getting breakfast up at 8am or earlier every day. We looked at the time it took us to pack the trucks in the morning, drive them to their locations, park, get water boiling for eggs, get coffee grinders set up, make popover batter. If we can shave off any time from this process it means an earlier breakfast for you. We’ve been timing our pack. When I first started, we would pull out a heavy green “cage” with all our food to the edge of our loading dock at the commissary, stand on the edge of the truck

, put the food into the truck fridges, roll the green cage back, and drive off from JP. Now we pack the 3 trucks at HSQ starting at 5:45am and stagger each truck’s departure every 15 minutes. We bought these insulated stacking Cambros, they get packed at night with 3 third pans each (of falafel, etc), stacked 8 units high, strapped down, then rolled out into the street and packed on the trucks. What used to take 50 mintues to pack each truck turned into less than 30 minutes. It means less strain on our backs, less stuff forgotten and hopefully an earlier open. If you’ve been by for breakfast, you may have noticed some days we are fully open by 7:30 or 7:45, but 8am should now be a regular thing.

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