Zucchini fritters

By Lucia July 9, 2011

Almost every night at dinner, we get the question, “When are the fritters coming back?” We don’t always have these, but sometimes we’ll do a fritter for our 3pm special. This started last summer with sweet corn fritters, then we did apple fritters, parsnip fritters.┬áIf you’ve been by the past couple days, you might have noticed we’re serving up zucchini fritters.

Rolando is a big fan of zucchini bread, so we’re trying zucchini fritters out. We grate up raw zucchini, press out all of the liquid, and fold it into a batter. We fry it up, toss it with cinnamon and sugar. Forgive the picture, I need some training on how to make perfect round fritters (without “tails”).

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