Do you see Chris?

By Vincenzo July 10, 2011

I came into the restaurant and was really excited to see Chris standing on the ledge washing the windows. I come from the world of fine dining where  you start washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, detailing equipment, and mopping floors and gradually you move up. So it’s always nice to see a manger/chef cleaning.

Ayr always likes to say that there’s no reason someone can’t start in the dish-room and run a truck someday. But no matter what role you’re in at Clover, you can’t have a problem spending a lot of your day cleaning. Everyone pitches in, we roll our sleeves up, and hopefully we work together to keep our trucks and restaurant clean. It feels great when everything shines.

The point is, if you’re ever eating with us and you notice something isn’t as clean as it should be, let any of us know.

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