Horrible fries

By Lucia July 10, 2011

OK, they haven’t been horrible, but they’ve been a lot worse than we want them to be.

A little background on our fries. We cut potatoes into water, throw them in the fryer at 375 degrees, add some rosemary close to the end of frying, let them drain for a few seconds, toss with Kosher salt. If you’ve ordered them, you know they’ll often take a little longer than the sandwiches (limited space in the fryer, once you drop a batch you have to wait for it to be done before dropping another).

Antony (MIT) was one of the first customers to let us know that the fries were really off the past month, but anyone working the fryer noticed too. They were greasy, they got limp almost instantly after being pulled out of the fryer. Turns out it’s the type of potato. We’ve been ordering Prince Edward Island potatoes, but our supplier had been subbing in a different kind. If you’ve been by the restaurant and seen the bags of potatoes next to the fryer, you’ll notice that PEI potatoes are back. We should have PEI until August, when the stores are depleted, and again in the fall, when PEI harvest happens. Let us know if you’re tasting a difference. BTW, the picture here is of the fries on the MIT truck Friday.

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