Sowa whiteboard help

By Lucia July 10, 2011

For those of you who don’t know, we park a truck at the Sowa Market in the South End on Sundays. This has been a sort of new experience for all of us, we normally work at one location 5 days a week, and get to know the folks who come by on a daily basis. At Sowa, we’re just starting to get to know the other trucks and vendors we work alongside, and we’re having fun meeting a TON of new customers.

A couple weeks ago at Sowa, we got really busy just as we were writing up the menu for the day. You can always tell a busy morning if this doesn’t get done. There was a huge line right at noon, we kept taking orders, but the whiteboard wasn’t getting done. So the customer in the picture offered to help : ) Turns out she’s a teacher who does a lot of writing on whiteboards.

I forgot your name, but thanks for helping us out, say hi if you’re by the truck today. And for the rest of you, we’ll be at Sowa 8am to noon for breakfast, noon to 4pm for lunch.

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