Generator out of gas

By Lucia July 11, 2011

Sometimes the generator dies and it’s a tough fix. Sometimes you just need to fill it up with gas.¬†Friday at the MIT truck, the generator ran out of gas right at 1pm. For those in line that day, here’s an apology. Even though we got our internal generator fixed and no longer need to rely on external generators (the little red things plugged into the side of the truck), it still runs out of gas sometimes. The generator (gas) powers the electric appliances on board (oven, credit card machine, etc). So when it runs out of gas, it’s hard to make most food.

We keep backup gasoline on board, Julie filled it up, and it was back and running 15 minutes later, but this meant that we had to turn away some folks who wanted sandwiches.¬†It’s no fun turning people away. And we’re lucky to have customers who come back after something like this happens.

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