Dirty rags

By ayr July 12, 2011

Rags have been a hassle since we started. You might find a very early post about my washing machine that broke because I brought home a bunch of rags to wash. Then my dry cleaner who said no more, these rags are too dirty.

We looked into cleaning services, most restaurants use them. But they are absurdly expensive. I mean we’d have to raise our prices expensive.

Right now we use Harvard Cleaners down the street, the one run by the student association. But they still get old. I just bought something like 5,000 new rags. I know, sounds like I’m making that up doesn’t it. Sort of gross we need to use so much cotton. But the only alternative I know of would be worse (paper towels). At least we can relegate the dirty rags to truck cleaning duty instead of tossing them.

(If you’re having trouble figuring it out that’s the old dirty rag on the left, the clean new rag on the right : )

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