MIT food week

By Lucia July 19, 2011

We’ve cooked up something called Food Week for MIT customers. Every day at the truck, we’ll do demos, recipes, or tastings. Today, 3pm, knife skills.

Yesterday, agua fresca demo. We make agua fresca w/ fruit, water, a little sugar. We made a bunch of rhubarb agua fresca, one customer from Denmark told us about a rhubarb porridge he grew up eating.Rolando convinced Mike (customer in the picture) to help make a new agua fresca with oranges and fennel. We asked for a lot of feedback on that one (expect to see it on the menu soon, with the changes you all suggested making).

The rest of the schedule for food week Today: Knife Skills 3pm-4pm

Tomorrow: Salad Demo 11am-1pm
Thursday: Tea Tasting 3pm-5pm
Friday: Coffee Tech 9am-10am

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