High and Mighty: Friday 8pm at HSQ

By ayr July 21, 2011

It’s a fun name, hunh? High and Mighty. We’ve been learning more about these guys over the past few months. This brewery is a Will Shelton’s project. Will and his brother are responsible for Shelton Brothers distributors. They import great crazy beers from around the world. High and Mighty takes inspiration from these beers and combines those flavors with American sensibilities. Their beer isn’t as expensive as many. And that’s deliberate. They want it to be accessible to everybody (everybody over 21 that is).

We’re going to launch a Saison of theirs on FRIDAY 8PM. We’re really excited. They don’t have much of this beer so we’ll probably run out of it in a week or so. I haven’t tasted it yet myself it’s so new. Really excited for tomorrow. Come join us.

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