MIT tea tasting

By Lucia July 21, 2011

This afternoon, we’re going to be asking you about tea. I think a lot of our customers actually love tea, a bunch know much more about tea than we do (Jonathan, MIT customer comes to mind).

We’ve been wanting to get tea going in a real way for a long time. Right now, we have some herbal teas from Providence, and we sell a lot of iced tea, but we’ve never had hot tea in a serious way.

Today, we’re going to have a little tasting today at the MIT truck, 3pm-5pm. We’ll be bringing some tea from folks we met this spring in Northampton, MA, that we’re excited about having you try.¬†And since it’s afternoon tea, we’re going to be baking up a batch of popovers for those who come by and offer their thoughts.

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