New truck parked daily at BU

By ayr July 26, 2011

There’s a new Clover truck no the road. We’re now parking at the BU bridge daily, 11am – 3pm. We’re working on adding breakfasts next week, so the hours will be 8am – 3pm. We’re parked near the BU bridge on the westbound side of Commonwealth. It’s a sweet little spot with grass and benches. I hadn’t ever noticed it before. The perfect place for Clover to get to know BU.

We’ve been there for a week now. I held off on announcing this location until they had a chance to get settled. This truck might come as a surprise to some of you. Sorry about that. We didn’t know about it ourselves until 1 week prior to our open. It’s one of the new Boston experimental street spots. Given the fast open I wanted to make sure the new team had some room to figure things out before the rushes begin.

This is the first truck Clover has launched without me. I was in the background, but the first time I joined the truck was 1 week into operations. It’s really amazing, and all because the team working the truck is fantastic. When you stop by say hi to Vincenzo, Brett, Maggie, and Eddie. Soon we’ll be adding more. I think by the time school starts up we’ll need a full crew. But in the meantime these guys are making up your sandwiches and fries and everything.

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