Happy birthday cupcakes

By ayr August 1, 2011

I’ve been working really hard to bring our cupcakes back on track. If you’re new to Clover you might not know that we give away cupcakes, for free, when a member of our team has a birthday. It’s a ton of fun and something we started a long time ago.

As we’d grown I learned that not all of our managers had been keeping the tradition alive. It was my fault, I hadn’t trained them properly, they weren’t sure of how to make cupcakes, when to make cupcakes, etc.

So we’ve been working on fixing that. Cupcake recipe is getting re-worked, ready for everybody. There’s now a designated slot in the kitchen schedule for cupcakes (6am, but at least it’s there). And managers are starting to make beautiful cupcakes. I think the ones here are vanilla with some sort of tea-infused frosting.

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