Perfect dish bin

By Lucia August 5, 2011

The other night I did dishes with Ayr and Santo (you can see Santo on the sidebar of this website). If you walk back by the bathrooms at Harvard Square you can see dishes happening.

It had been a year since I had done dishes, I learned that a couple things go into making dishes work smoothly. 1.) Awesome employees like Santo helping bang them out and 2.) How the dishes get packed into “white bins” from the trucks. We got into the bad habit

of packing a bunch of different types of dishes in one bin (bowls, knives, utensils, plastic cambros, metal pans), which means that the dishwasher has to spend a lot of time and space organizing them. Now the goal is to pack them like the picture here, with a bunch of similar containers all stacked together. That way, you take a stack of dirty containers, wash them, and they become a stack of clean containers. I think this bin was from the Dewey truck, it’s perfect.

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