Wi-Fi down at DWY

By ayr August 6, 2011

We use Cradlepoint MBR-1000 routers with Clear wireless cards to deliver high speed wireless to our trucks. It’s a pretty good combo. The routers cost about $140 each and can handle up to 60 simultaneous connections (most routers top out at 6-12). And the clear card is something like $35/ month for unlimited bandwidth 4G.

Problem with the Cradlepoints is that they arrive DOA sometimes, and other times they quit working 6 months later. The antennae are also very fragile. Anyway, our Cradlepoint at Dewey Square stopped working the other day, going into a very busy lunch. Uhgg.

If you were in the line, sorry. We did our best. We had each order taker capture their own orders on paper and another person consolidating and calling them out. Sort of a human version of our order taking software. It wasn’t as fast as normal, but not terrible either. Here’s Sandy working the notebook.

PS: this problem is fixed now. I’ve ordered extra Cradlepoints to have a few on backup to avoid this type of thing in the future.

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