Someone buy this MBTA driver a Clover coffee!

By Lucia August 15, 2011

This morning I bought breakfast from the Clover truck parked at BU. Seeing the truck as I approached BU West on the Green Line trolley was sort of fun for me. I went to BU, I rode this train every day to go to class, to go to Allston, to eat at Super 88…

The Green Line near BU gets a bad rep, it’s slow, it makes too many stops, it used to be free to ride outbound when I started there and now it’s not. This morning when I was getting on the T to leave Clover, I stepped on, my cup of coffee (I had forgotten to grab a lid) in one hand, my breakfast sandwich and muffin in the other, and I was somehow trying to get my wallet out of my backpack too. My iPod was somehow in one of my hands too.

The driver was clearly having a busy morning, but he took the time to look at me, said, “What are you doing? You’re going to get burned!” He took my coffee, set it on his dashboard while I got my wallet out, and then gave it back to me. I forgot to ask for his name, but Enzo, I’ll tell you what he looks like, I want to buy him a Clover coffee to say thanks : )

Oh, and if you folks are riding the Green Line too, we’re parked right at BU West.

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