Empty walls

By ayr August 18, 2011

You might have noticed over the past few days the walls at Harvard Square (HSQ) are absent any of the colorful customer pictures they typically feature. Sorry about this. The paper dispenser fell off the wall the other day and I just now put it back up.

The culprit: these lead wall anchors. See the faulty anchors on the left of this picture. Not holding up to your vigorous “give me a placemat/ canvas” pulls. In the middle is the replacement. This is a style of anchor I learned about last October when I was watching the electrician install wiring in Harvard Square. They’re my new favorite thing. They are super solid. Like nails that go into concrete. Really great.

Finally, that bolt on the far right? That’s a stainless steel bolt that has almost nothing to do with this project. Except, I don’t have a pin and you can’t reach the nail-head with the hammer, so this bolt was serving as a pin to transfer the hammer blows to concrete nail.

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