We’re selling honey

By ayr August 19, 2011

But not just any honey. One is from JP. The other from Deerfield, MA. These are just a couple of the many many honeys (sp?) you can find down the street at Follow The Honey. They’re just opening tomorrow and we’re really excited for them. They’re going to be selling honey, honey products, etc. educating folks about bees. Really great stuff.

I’ve wanted to find a way to support local business that are working hard on issues we care about. This is an idea I’d been tossing around for a while, bringing attention to a fellow business through our food and retail. If you stop on by Follow The Honey (about an 8 minute walk from our HSQ location) we’ll know this is working. To be clear, we’re not benefiting financially in any way from this, and we have no stake in their business. We just think it’s cool what they’re doing and would like to see them succeed.

To celebrate their opening and what they tell us is “National Honeybee Day” we’re selling a bunch of honey products. Honey on pancakes tomorrow (Sat and Sun)l honey on oatmeal, honey lemonade. We might even work honey into one of our salads. Happy Honey Day!

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