First ever pirate movie night at MIT truck

By Lucia August 24, 2011

We’ve been wanting to do movie nights for a long time. Tomorrow, the plan is to project The Goonies right onto the MIT truck. We’ll see what happens.

We’ll be serving the full menu. Ayr will be making up popcorn for those who come by. I for one, will be wearing 80’s apparel.

Like a lot of stuff this is an experiment, if folks show up and have fun, it could become a regular thing. So come by tomorrow, bring blankets/friends, watch the Goonies, have fun with us.

Clover Movie Night
MIT Truck, Carlton St
7:30 on
FREE, open to all

PS: for all the awesome MIT people who identified Building 66 in my last post, I owe you a thank-you/follow up. But in the meantime, can anyone identify where this poster is on the MIT campus?

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