Will from CBC launching hefeweizen at Clover Friday at 8pm

By ayr August 24, 2011

Those empty glasses are the hefeweizen. That’s Chris. We were at CBC taste testing their beers.

Will the brewer showed us around. It was fantastic. These guys are doing amazing stuff. Friday Will is going to be here at the restaurant, 8pm. We’re going to be serving his Hefeweizen. We’re really excited. It tastes a little like banana and cloves. Will says that’s all in the yeast. Sorry, no bananas in this beer.

Hefeweizen is a german style of beer. Much of the barley is replaced by wheat. It’s light in color and crisp feeling when you drink it. Perfect for the last weeks of summer. Will’s version includes local malt which is really exciting for us. This is going to be our first (of many) beers that are not only brewed in MA but grown here too.

That’s something to toast even at 11:14am.

BTW, this is our 1,000 post to the website. How many of you remember the first days?

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