What rain?

By Lucia August 25, 2011

Ughh. Tonight was such a disappointment. We were all ready for our outdoor Goonies movie night at the MIT truck. We had the projector ready, the screen ready, Ayr had 7 different kinds of corn to pop, the crew was all dressed up. At 5pm, customers were looking up at the sky, telling us they had been driving through rain in other parts of Boston, really dark clouds were starting to roll in.

Then we started to feel drops of rain. We couldn’t put the projector out with water falling from the sky. We figured a bunch of folks wouldn’t come due to all the thunderstorms being forecasted, so we called off the screening.¬†And now here I am, sitting at my house 4 hours later, and no rain!

We’re really sorry to those who stopped by after we had closed. We’re going to postpone to next week. Details to come. Oh, and we’ll be having fun indoors tomorrow, 8pm, at the Harvard Sq. restaurant for launch of Cambridge Brewing Co. beer.

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