CBC Hefeweizen now at HSQ

By ayr August 30, 2011

Will, the brewer at CBC, came by this past Friday to launch our latest beer pre-Irene. We’re serving his Hefeweizen, which is a german style of beer that combines malted barley and wheat. His wheat is grown in Massachusetts which we’re really excited about. This makes it our first beer that is not only brewed locally but includes ingredients grown locally.

We’ve written about this in the past. Valley Malt is working to bring grain-growing back to New England. A long time ago everything you needed to make beer was grown locally. But it’s been something like 70 years since the last malt shop shut down. This is all really excited stuff for us, stuff we’re really happy to be a part of. This will be the first of a number of beers featuring MA grown ingredients. As you drink them you support those farmers back in Western Mass who are taking a risk on this new old industry.

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