Lavender lemonade

By Lucia August 31, 2011

Here’s one of our MIT customers learning to make lavender lemonade in the afternoon. You may not have noticed, but we’ve changed the way we make drinks. For a while, the way we dealt with increased volumes was to make up a big batch (like 22 quarts) in the AM, serve it all day long.

Which meant, for some drinks, we’d have leftover at the end of the night, which we would be storing and serving the next day. Now we’re applying the “smaller batches, more often” technique that we use for almost everything else. You don’t see us heating up 100 bread at a time, or pre-frying a bunch of fries. So now you might see us making lemonade 3 or 4 times a day, or just once if it’s slow.

We invited customers in line that afternoon to watch Cole making lavender lemonade. It took about 15 minutes but we had a fun time talking while we steeped the lavender petals in boiling water, added lemon juice and simple syrup, and topped it off with water. We were hoping the lavender would turn pink when it hit the lemon juice and it did! Ok, sorry for the exclamation point, some things are just really exciting.

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