Rainy day time trials

By Lucia September 7, 2011

Everybody has rainy day traditions, right? At Clover it’s time trials. We see how fast one of us can make a chickpea fritter. If you’re secretly competitive, like I am, it’s really fun, but the truth is, it’s actually pretty important. We’re committed to making Clover fast food. A lot of being fast is making every movement efficient so you don’t waste any time. This is Claudia, she’s been rocking the sandwiches at MIT for the past 2 weeks.

We challenged her to a time trial, she was kind of nervous, but under the pressure of the clock, I think she invented a new faster way of grabbing the foil and wax paper. Her final time? 30 seconds from hot bread to sandwich in the customer’s hand. Not bad for only 2 weeks…

If you want to experience the Clover time trial, we’re still hiring for a ton of roles. Check out the application online, www.cloverfoodlab.com/apply.

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