Heather beer

By ayr September 8, 2011

New CBC is in. Will sent us a Heather Ale. I just looked up heather. In my mind I think of it as a flower or something, maybe purply-pink?

I’m sort-of right. Turns out flowering heather is related to blueberries, azaleas, and rhodadendron. Crazy, huh? Some think Heather ale is one of the oldest beers still being made. Will picks the heather himself this time of year. Somewhere down near the cape, he told me where but I forgot exactly. The beer doesn’t have any hops.

We have a single keg, so get it while you can. Since you all killed the Hefeweizen we’re going to go with “Will’s special” for the next week or so. He’ll be sharing a variety of seasonal brews.

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