Clover tomato plants

By Lucia September 11, 2011

If you’ve been by the restaurant you might have seen the planter. Chris designed it, built it, and made a system for evaporating water. The reason it’s there is because there’s a gap where the glass railing meets the wall, and Chris was worried that kids were going to throw things through it.

The big tomato plant winding up the trellis is from Groundwork Somerville, they teach kids in my neighborhood how to grow plants. But here’s the really exciting thing: see the little tomato plants in front? Antoria told me the HSQ staff decided to see what would happen if they planted seeds from the field tomatoes we’ve been using in our sandwiches…and now we have tomato plants!

This isn’t the first time our tomatoes have planted seeds. 2 years ago, we used to unload the MIT truck every night onto a loading dock at our old commissary. We must have dropped a few tomatoes, because a tomato plant started to grow out of a little space between the concrete and brick.

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