Drink tower

By ayr September 11, 2011

This is the current version of an idea I had back in January when we were working to design the new batch of trucks. The drink tower is so important to us now that it’s a part of every single truck, we even retrofitted the old ones. The only truck still waiting is MIT.

Basically the tower gives us a place to store drinks (works beautifully with Chris’s invention of the spouted Cambro 8qt). We put high volume drinks, those that we’re going to pass through in an hour or two or less, on this rack: lemonade, iced tea, hibiscus. Slower moving drinks (cucumber aleppo agua fresca) stay in the fridge. There’s a professional coffee grinder (no more of the little plastic grangers we started out with). And that’s a hot water heater there next to the grinder. This whole rig is a life-saver when drinks get busy on the trucks. And it frees up counter space (more fries).

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