Enzo alone + LMA truck is live

By Vincenzo September 12, 2011

Vincenzo here. My first post in a while. I’m always used to being at a location in a high-traffic area with lots of staff, customers, etc. When I started full time it was to run Clover’s 2nd truck at Dewey Sq. Our second week there we were experiencing lines of 50+ people.

This summer was completely different. We finally got the green light to open the BU truck for lunch and pull the truck up to Longwood Medical Area for dinner, 4-8pm. We always launch a location quietly, so we staff it with the expectation that only a few customers will come by. This meant that I would be working BU with 2 others, closing it up at 3pm, and working dinner at Longwood all by myself.

There was sort of a test here, to learn how to be more humble. Usually I’m running the show, this time I was doing everything by myself (packing the truck in the morning, shutting it down, cleaning it at night, etc). The first day of Longwood dinner, 1 person showed up. That’s right, 1 person. Now we have a little group of people who come by. It’s been exciting for me to see this building from the ground up.

If you live or work near Longwood, or know folks who do, here’s the details on our new truck.

M-F 4pm-8pm
Corner of Avenue Louis Pasteur and Blackfan St. Follow: @cloverBUB and @cloverLMA on twitter for open/close times, etc.

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