3pm special: watermelon

By rolando September 14, 2011

We’re starting up a new 3pm special today at the restaurant. Watermelon.

Our 3pm specials are supposed to be really fun, snacky type food. You know how these 3pm specials started? Chris brought us a box of plantains 2 years ago, we wanted to do something fun with them, so we thought, we’ll fry them up and serve them in the evenings.

Now we’re getting some watermelon in. Watermelon comes out around this time of year (late, late summer) in New England, which is sort of funny, right? Since we are all sort of are used to eating watermelon all summer. The watermelon we ate on July 4th was probably not grown close by.

You’ll get a thick slice of watermelon for $1. Enjoy the last days of summer. If you’re adventurous, ask us, we’ll add salt.

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