Apple demo at Dewey truck, 9/15/2011, 12-2pm

By rolando September 14, 2011

We love apples at Clover. We use apples for hot mulled cider, apple fritters, baked apples (which is a traditional New England breakfast), and apple butter, which we give away with popovers at the restaurant.

And apples are just now coming into season. Our friends at Autumn Hills Orchard are picking a few types right now, including Macintosh, Gala and Red Cortland. Different apples are good for different things. My favorite apples for baking are Cortlands but Russo’s hasn’t had them yet, so these are Braeburns, which are a good substitute.

Anyway, the farmer’s market by the Dewey truck is doing an apple festival, so we’re going to show folks how to make baked apples, apple butter, and first of the season apple fritters. We’ll sell the apple fritters and make up a batch of popovers and apple butter to have in the afternoon at the truck. Come by tomorrow, 12-2pm, at the Dewey truck.

My favorite apples for eating are Gala & Fuji, sweet and crisp. What’s yours?

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