Talking about employees

By ayr September 14, 2011

We talk about our employees a lot. Not as much as I’d like too, sometimes it seems like I’m writing a truck maintenance handbook. But if food is our favorite subject, the talented group making this all happen is our second favorite thing to talk about.

I just had a chat with Leeann (above). She might not want me to post this, and to use her name. And that was the subject of the conversation. She was concerned broadly that we might take advantage of our employees sometimes as we involve them in the stories you tell you about our company.

It’s something that has me thinking. First, that I’m glad Leeann would talk to me about this (hope I’m not ruining that with this post). But more importantly about her thoughts. Definitely don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable because they are working for Clover and getting written about, that’s not what we want. Don’t want anybody to feel exposed or used, not our purposes. This isn’t reality TV. And reality TV isn’t even honest in the first place, is it?

So how do you share at the level we like to share? How do you achieve that diary-like intimacy without creating any victims? Can we take risks without doing harm?

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