Movie night at MIT

By ayr September 15, 2011

This is the best shot I could grab at the MIT movie night the other week. We had a ton of fun. That’s a sheet. And a projector. And some speakers. We all watched The Goonies.

I had heirloom popcorn from visiting my Grandmother in Michigan earlier this summer. The Ladyfingers and Mushroom popcorns were the favorites of the evening. Really fun time. I love doing stuff like this at MIT. Such a strong sense of community over there.

We’re going to do another movie night next week at South Station (Dewey Square, DWY). That’s 9/29/11.

We’re really excited. The movie? Back to the Future. Someone even sent me a link for some back to the future shoes I think would be cool for the event, but I’m not going to spend $10,000.

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